Sika Ye Mogya Money Transfer

Sika Ye Mogya Domestic Money Transfer is a Local Money Transfer system which helps to transfer money from friends, relatives etc., for onward collection at any of our 18 branches across Accra, Tema, Kumasi and Swedru. With Sika Ye Mogya, we aim at eliminating the difficulties of quick money remittances for urgent needs. The product is open to customers and non-customers of the bank. With over 14 years of remittance services, we can always serve you better, anytime, anywhere, any day

1. Customers are paid in cash only

2. Customers receive monies from designated branches already advised by sender

3. Recipient presents identification as advised by sender before payment

4. Sender gives a test question/answer as additional security

5. Speed of availability - money can be collected within minutes at the receiving branch

6. Large network of branches - the sender has various choices of where money can be cashed

7. Simplicity - the process of sending and collecting cash is simple.

8. Reliability - the beneficiary is sure of collecting his money from designated branch

9. No fee payment by beneficiary

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